What are Publish Environment Titles?

Publish environment titles are customizable titles you can assign to any of the default Dev, QA, and Prod publish environments. These titles apply only to the profile in which they are set. Setting a title will change how an environment is displayed throughout the interface. This can be helpful for organizations that use specific terms for their own environments.

Publish environment titles only for display purposes in Tealium client-side. They do not affect any of the utag.js code references.

How to Change Publish Environment Titles

By default your publish environments do not have titles--they appear as Dev, QA, and Prod throughout the interface. In order to assign custom publish environment titles, you must have the Save Existing Versions permission.

To set a publish environment title:

  1. Navigate to Code Center via the User Menu.
    Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 11.32.23 AM.png
  2. In the Environments side panel, select the environment you want to assign a title to.
  3. In the main panel, enter a value for Environment Title. You can only use letters, numbers, and dashes for the title.
  4. Click Ok.
  5. Save/Publish the profile.

Notice how the code for utag.js retains the system names for each environment. Setting custom titles does not affect the tag code.

Your new title will now appear in place of the default environment name throughout the interface. In this example, the Dev environment was changed to "Sandbox".


What About Custom Publish Environments?

You may have noticed that you can't assign a title to any custom publish environments. This is because you have the opportunity to assign whatever name you like to the custom publish environment when you create it.

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