Purpose of the Tool

This tool provides a report of user activity within an account. The report includes the following fields:

  • Account
  • Profile
  • Users
  • Dates of activity
  • User's organization
  • Number of changes made by a user on a specific date

This report aids in user management by showing user activity over time and can help determine the most active users and inactive users. One primary benefit is identifying inactive users whose accounts can be removed.

Install Instructions

1. The JSON definition can be found here: audit_user_activity.json





2. Copy-paste the JSON definition URL into Tealium Tools.



3. Click "Add Custom Tool" button.

That's it.

How to Use

1. Log into Tealium IQ. Navigate to the account whose activity you would like to audit.



2. Open Tealium Tools > Audit: TIQ User Activity



3. Press "Start", then wait for the User Activity Audit to complete. Large accounts may take longer to complete. The tool will calculate the approximate time of completion. 



4. When the audit is complete, you will find high-level frequency results within the Tealium Tool.



5. If further analysis is required, download a CSV file and digest the data further (e.g. in Excel for more granular detail).


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