The Bulk Edit tool for iQ Tag Management allows you to toggle the active state or delete multiple variables, load rules, tags or extensions all at once.

Resource URL

Add this tool to the Tealium Tools browser extension using the following URL:



You must be logged into Tealium iQ Tag Management to use the Bulk Edit tool. The tool works for on the following tabs: Data Layer, Load Rules, Tags, and Extensions.

To make a bulk edit:

  1. Use the checkboxes to select multiple items.
  2. Launch the Bulk Edit tool.
    The following items are displayed:
    • Current Tab - The tab that you are making bulk edits in.
    • Items Selected - The number of items selected.
    • Action - The bulk action to perform:
      • Toggle - Toggles the On/Off state of the selected items.
      • Drop - Deletes the selected items.
    • Selection Type - Allows you to select items in the Current Tab (if not already selected)
      • Select All - Selects all the items in the Current Tab.
      • None - Selects none of the items in the Current Tab.
      • All Active - Selects only the active items in the Current Tab.
      • All Inactive - Selects only the inactive items in the Current Tab.
      • Invert Selection - Selects ALL of the items in the Current Tab then inverts the state of all of the items. 
    • Go! - Starts the bulk edit process.


Once the process has run, a results screen will appear in the tool. 


On this screen, you will see:

  • Failed Items - Items in red mean they have failed on the action
  • Success - A count and a list of the succeeded actions
  • Failed - A count and a list showing which items failed


  • Why did my item fail to delete?
    Check to make sure that the item is not in use/linked to something else. For example, a load rule can fail to delete because it is in use by a tag.
  • Why is the Tealium Bulk Edit tool not working in the Data Layer tab?
    You must be in list mode in order for the Bulk Edit tool to work in the Data Layer tab. 
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