A New Look for the Universal Data Hub

Community Manager
Community Manager

If you haven't already noticed, the Universal Data Hub has a great new look. The layout and navigation are improved to optimize the workflows within each product.  You can still access the old layout by clicking View older version in the top banner, but the old layout will only be available for a limited time.

What's New?

Feedback Form

Look in the bottom right of any screen to find the new feedback button. Click the button to expand the form and share your feedback. This feedback goes straight to our product team for review. All feedback is helpful -- the raves and the rants -- so don't hesitate to pop open the form and tell us about your experience in the new layout.

Note: Bug reports or requests for support should still be submitted through Tealium Support Desk.


Sidebar Navigation

udh-new-nav-sidebar-expanded.pngThe new layout of Universal Data Hub now has a convenient sidebar to give you easy access to any other screen. The sidebar can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the Tealium logo at the top or the arrow at the bottom.

The sidebar is organized by product for a more intuitive workflow.  One thing you'll notice right away is that event-based and visitor-based components are now separated into the their own screens. Specifically, this means that event attributes and visit/visitor attributes are now located within their respective product areas. Same goes for event-based connectors and audience-based connectors.

The new sidebar contains the following areas:

  • Home
    A new landing screen for all of your high-level information, such as summary usage, viewing data trends, and exploring past versions of your account.
    Included screens:
    • Overview
    • Usage Report
    • Versions
  • Sources
    The starting point for setting up your account, with access to create new data sources and create new omnichannel file definitions.
    Included screens:
    • Data Sources
    • Omnichannel
  • iQ Tag Management
    A quick link to access your iQ account.
  • EventStream
    Everything you need to manage your event data and API hub.
    Included screens:
    • Live Events (Feeds)
    • Event Specs (Specifications)
    • Attributes (Event)
    • Connectors (Event-based)
      • My Connectors
      • Connector Marketplace
  • AudienceStream
    Everything you need to manage your visitor data.
    Included screens:
    • Dashboard
    • Discover
      • Audience Discovery
      • Audience  Sizing
    • Attributes (Visit/Visitor)
    • Audiences
    • Connectors (Visitor-based)
      • My Connectors
      • Marketplace
      • Audience Sizing Jobs
  • DataAccess
    Get credentials and configure all of your data storage solutions.
    Included screens:
    • EventStore
    • AudienceStore
    • EventDB
    • AudienceDB
  • Tools
    Tools and screens that apply to the entire account.
    Included screens:
    • Trace
    • Rules
    • Visitor Profile Sampler
  • Learning Community
    A quick link to access the community and documentation.


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