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A new version of the Facebook Pixel tag is now more tightly integrated with the Facebook Conversions connector. The upgraded tag has several improvements to the client-side configuration options, including an option to integrate with the Facebook Conversions API for Web. The tag is available now in the Tealium Tag Marketplace and the connector has been released from experiments and is now available in the Tealium Connector Marketplace.

What's New

The following improvements make it easier than ever to add the Facebook Pixel tag to your account:

  • Simpler Configuration
    The most common tag configuration options are now set by default, making the setup as simple as entering your pixel ID.
  • Tealium Collect Integration
    The new tag is optimized to work with the Tealium Collect tag to ensure consistent conversion data delivery.
  • Conversion Events
    The new tag integrates with the most recent capabilities in conversion tracking. Customers of Tealium EventStream can now integrate the Facebook Pixel tag with the Facebook Conversions connector for better tracking coverage.

How It Works

The new Facebook Pixel tag is optimized for the most common use cases to make it as easy as possible set up. For example, purchase tracking occurs automatically when an order ID is detected in the data layer. The tag now has only three configuration options, but the mapping toolbox is available for advanced use cases.

To support the conversions integration, the tag can now generate unique event IDs for each event tracked. These event IDs can be mapped in the connector to synchronize the web events and conversion events. This feature requires an active Tealium Collect tag.

The tag emits new event attributes using the following naming convention:

fb_event_id_<Facebook Event>

For example: fb_event_id_Purchase or fb_event_id_PageView

Benefits of the Conversions API

  • Improved Data Quality
    Browsers can be susceptible to issues like poor network connectivity, ad-blockers or user error. This can result in loss of signals or passing of inaccurate signals to advertising partners like Facebook. Conversions data is authenticated, more accurate and has stronger checks to ensure data is in a usable format for Facebook's systems.
  • Unlock Additional Signals
    While Facebook pixel is a powerful tool to harness web signals, many interactions and transactions occur outside of your website or app. You likely have an untapped repository of conversion data available on your servers, such as qualified leads, recurring payments and subscription sign-ups. The API enables you to share these signals and unlock them for use in Facebook's solutions.
  • Prepare for Industry Changes
    As the regulatory and privacy landscape evolves, data-driven marketers are exploring alternatives to browser-based tools. Implementing Facebook's Conversions API today helps enable consistent marketing performance regardless of industry changes.

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