AudienceStream Event Attribute Optimization - TLC Announcement

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Community Manager

Tealium is excited to share that we are releasing AudienceStream Event Attribute Optimization, an update to AudienceStream processing. 

Event payload sizes are being streamlined before being processed by AudienceStream to improve efficiency and boost performance. 

Why we’re making this change:

Tealium is streamlining AudienceStream processing by filtering unused event attributes. This update boosts AudienceStream operational performance for Visitor Profile event data which provides improved operational efficiency for customers.

How this impacts your data:

Most profiles will not require any updates and will automatically see the benefit of this enhancement as it is released. If you use event attributes in audience connector actions, ensure each event attribute is used in a visitor or visit attribute as either an enrichment or linked rule. If the Include Current Visit Data option in an AudienceStream Connector Action is enabled or a Processed Visitor Function is being used, updates might need to be made to your attribute configuration. 

If all of the following are true, you will want to update your attributes:

  • You have a connector action sending the entire visitor payload with the Include Current Visit Data setting enabled or you are sending the current_visit object in a Processed Visitor Function
  • Event attributes within that current_visit object are in use downstream, outside of Tealium
  • The event attributes used within the current_visit object are not referenced elsewhere in AudienceStream or are not included in the list of unaffected attributes included in the article linked below

If you do not update your attributes, the connector action and all of the visitor data will continue to process as normal, only some event attributes may be removed.

For more technical information on how to update your attributes, please review this Knowledge Base Article.

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