Automate, integrate, and activate your enterprise data with Tealium Data Connect

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We’re excited to announce the new Tealium Data Connect is now available. Now you can create automated, low-code integrations that let you customize how and when to bring your data into Tealium.

Tealium Data Connect provides a fast, efficient, and scalable architecture to automate the import of valuable data from your SaaS applications, CRMs, and data warehouses to Tealium. Use Data Connect to integrate data from your enterprise systems into Tealium AudienceStream CDP or EventStream API Hub for enrichment and real-time personalization and activation.

What's new

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  • Get started quickly with low-code integrations
    Use Data Connect recipes to easily configure app integrations and automated workflows with little to no coding.
  • Import data on your schedule
    Import net-new events to Tealium based on an existing dataset using recipes that work on your schedule.
  • Use customized, automated workflows
    Data Connect recipes let you choose what kinds of triggers to use, what apps and actions you can call, and how to configure error handling for your business case.
  • Complement real-time data and insights with historical context from other systems
    Import valuable data from systems like Snowflake, Salesforce, Hubspot, etc. and make it actionable in Tealium. Gain easier access to sources like data warehouses, CRM systems, and cloud applications.
  • Add data translations directly into your workflow
    Using recipes, you can add data translations into your automated workflow making the process of importing data to Tealium more efficient.

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