Extensions Now Support Publish Locations

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Community Manager

We are excited to announce a powerful new enhancement to extensions in iQ: publish locations!  Extensions are the core of your tag management solution and now publish locations can help improve your iQ workflow.

What's New?

extensions-publish-locations.jpgEvery extension in your configuration now has a settings area for publish locations with a checkbox for each environment (Prod, QA, Dev, and Custom). It works the same as publish locations for tags. An extension will only be published to the locations that are checked.



How Does It Work?

The publish locations setting determines which extensions to include during the next publish.  Only extensions with a check next to the publish target chosen during a publish will be included in the published files. Likewise, if an extension is not checked for the chosen location during a publish, it will be omitted from the published files.

For example, if you select the QA target during a publish:


Any extension that does not have QA checked as a publish location will be excluded. Only extensions with QA checked as a publish location will be included in the publish:


Use Case - Testing New Extensions

A common use case for publish locations is to uncheck the Prod location for new extensions.  This allows you to restrict a new extension to only be published to Dev or QA (or Custom) while you test it. Any on-going publishes to Prod during your QA cycle will not include the new extension. When your testing is complete, check the Prod location and the extension is ready for release.

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