Hosted Data Layer Now Supports JSON Files

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The powerful feature Hosted Data Layer (HDL) just got an upgrade. In addition to hosting data layer objects that supplement your on-page data layer using the Hosted Data Layer extension, HDL now supports the hosting of JSON files for use with a variety of integrations.

What's New?

Hosted Data Layer was created to offer a cloud-based solution for supplementing the data layer object of your website. This allowed valuable data that was stuck in offline or server-side systems to become accessible to your web pages in real-time. 

Until now, HDL was limited to use with the Hosted Data Layer extension and for the sole purpose of supplementing the on-page data layer. With this new release, HDL is being expanded to support JSON files. JSON is a versatile data format that is used in a wide variety of internet applications and integrations between systems.

How Does It Work?

Use the Hosted Data Layer API to upload your JSON files, then access those files with the corresponding URL on the Tealium Multi-CDN.

Upload JSON Files

The HDL API now supports a file-type parameter that accepts two values: javascript (default) and json. Simply add this parameter to your API requests to manage JSON files e.g., ?file-type=json.

Access JSON Files

To retrieve the uploaded JSON files simply add the .json file extension to the hosted URL location e.g., 

Use Case - AMP

One notable use case for hosted JSON files is the implementation of analytics tracking within AMP sites. AMP offers a module called amp-analytics that can load remote JSON configuration files that specify how to track user behavior within an AMP page. This allows you to implement a vendor's data collection solution within an AMP page without the need for Javascript.

Additional Resources

For full details, read more about Hosted Data Layer:

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Hello, This might solve my problem. Can you please confirm the following :

Before JSON support for HDL
- I would make multiple files and upload to CDN with datalayer_id.js as the file name.

Now with JSON support for HDL
- I would just upload a one big file but it will be in JSON format?

Question is do I still need to make datalayer_id.json as individual files? I have 100K records.

What I am trying to understand also what is benefit for HDL to support JSON will it be faster for the API?