Important Improvements to Managing Templates

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An improved workflow is now available for managing templates.

About Templates

A template is the underlying JavaScript code that runs various parts of your iQ Tag Management configuration. Templates are used for marketplace tags, Tealium tags, and the consent manager. Previously, templates were edited, updated, and saved separately from the account publish workflow, which often led to confusion about which template was active. 

This goal of this release is to address the following shortcomings of the previous way that templates were managed:

  • Eliminate the confusing options of "Save Profile Template" and "Save Version Template".
  • Provide intuitive steps for updating a template to the latest system version.
  • Include templates in the version history notes.

What's New

This release brings the following improvements to managing templates:

Standard Publish Workflowtemplates-apply-changes.png

Previously, to edit or update a template, you would save the changes immediately without needing to save the profile. In this release, after you edit a template and apply your changes, you must save your profile to preserve those changes to the profile.

Version History

Previously, after editing and saving a template, the change would not be displayed in the version history. Now, since you must save your profile to preserve changes to a template, the version history displays a note whenever a template is edited. You may notice this message for templates edited prior to this release, it is recommended that you validate these before publishing to production.


Update and Revert Options

Previously, to update to the latest system version of a template you would click the trash icon. Now, when you view a template there are two clear options:

  • templates-update-revert-buttons.pngUpdate
    Click this button to replace the current template with the latest system version of the template.
  • Revert
    Click this button to revert the template back to the most recently saved version in the profile. This action discards any unsaved changes to the current template.


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