Introducing Concurrent User Management for UDH

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Tealium Customer Data Hub now offers basic concurrent user management for users that are logged into the server-side products at the same time. Users are informed when changes are introduced by other active members, regardless of whether or not the change has been saved and published. When another active user saves changes to the profile, you are prompted to integrate their changes into your working environment or to keep working.

WhiteUI_UDH_Concurrent User Management_UDH_3 Users logged in.png

With concurrent user management, you can now:

  • View other active users and what product component the user is working in.
  • Acknowledge that another user has initiated a change.
  • See when a profile update from another user is saved and published.
  • Update to the latest published version.
  • Keep working and update later.

For detailed information, see Concurrent User Management (UDH).

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