Introducing First-Party Domains for Tealium

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We’re excited to announce the availability of First-Party Domains in the Tealium Customer Data Hub. First-Party Domains enables you to bring your own domain to Tealium services allowing you manage all data operations in a first-party context from data collection to tag delivery.

How It Works

The services offered in the Tealium Customer Data Hub are hosted on Tealium domains. Since these domain names don't match the domain of your brand's website, they are considered third-party domains. For example, the JavaScript files for Tealium iQ Tag Management are served from the domain and the data collection endpoint for Tealium EventStream API Hub uses the domain .

However, as new privacy regulations come out and as browsers begin limiting third-party capabilities, you might want to use your own domain to ensure that Tealium services are treated as first-party. First-party domains benefit from improved tracking and better compliance with browser privacy and cookie settings.

About First-Party Domains

Tealium First-Party Domains give you the option to create a CNAME for Tealium tag delivery and create an A record for Tealium server-side data collection. These changes to your DNS configuration can help maintain data fidelity and functionality amidst browser changes such as ITP, third-party cookie loss, and ad blockers.

What does this look like?

Tealium Service Tealium Domain First-Party Domain
Client-Side Delivery
Server-Side Collection

You no longer need to request a CNAME or A record from your Tealium support team. We’ve made it easy to specify your domain and configure your certificate directly in the Tealium Customer Data Hub. You can request a certificate managed by Tealium or upload your own certificate.

Get Started

Contact Tealium Support Desk to enable this feature in your account.

After the feature is enabled, go to the user menu and click First-Party Domains to start the process. From here, enter the first-party domain you want to use and configure the certificate. Then follow the instructions to finish the DNS changes on your side to complete the process.


Key Benefits

  • Ensure Tealium Services Operate in a First-Party Context
    Bring your domain to Tealium data collection and tag management system to deliver improved tracking and performance.
  • Adapt and Future-Proof Against Browser Changes
    Tag management remains a foundational component for customer experience. First-party domains help preserve some functionality amidst browser changes such as ITP and ad blockers.
  • Work with Richer, More Complete Data
    Capture more events and insights that may have been lost due to browser and ad blocking.

Next Steps

With Tealium, you can take a truly first-party approach to data collection and tag management in order to build browser independence and leverage richer, more complete customer data to drive customer experience and analysis.

Get started by reading the First-Party Domains documentation.

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