Introducing Product Ideas

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We are excited to introduce a brand new way to submit feature requests and enhancements to Tealium. It's called Product Ideas! Here's how it works.


  1. Submit an idea here on the Tealium Learning Community.
  2. Vote and comment on your favorite ideas.
  3. Our product team reviews the ideas.
  4. Ideas that are accepted move through various statuses until they are delivered.


It's that easy!

Why would I want to submit an idea?

Contribute to the future of Tealium
We love hearing from our customers and want to know what enhancements and features you want to see developed. 


Earn "Product Ideas" badges
Who doesn't love a shiny new badge to add to their profile page? Get a new badge by submitting new ideas in the Product Ideas forum. 


Be a hero
If your idea reaches the status of Delivered, we'll feature you and your idea on the home page of the Tealium Learning Community.


Stretch your creative muscles
If you dream it, we might be able to build it. So give it a go and submit an idea today!


Democratized product requests
Everyone wants their voice to be heard, so we are listening! In fact, the whole community is listening. Some of the best ideas are formed from the passionate exchange of opinions. In the Product Ideas forum, all members can comment on, vote for, or discuss all the ideas.


See the product process in action
Submitting product requests can feel like a never-ending waiting game. With Tealium Product Ideas you can watch your idea as it flows through the evaluation process.  The status of your idea will be updated as it progresses through each step of the process.


Save time
Want to know if a feature request has already been asked for? All you have to do is search for it on the Community. 

Instant gratification
Submitting a feature request is easy! Just login to the Tealium Learning Community and click "Submit New Idea" button in the Product Ideas forum. 


Ready to submit your idea to Tealium? Go to Product Ideas to get started.!


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Tealium Expert

I love the art of the Untamed Beast with the light bulb.  

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Ah thank you, @mitchellt!!! Took me a little bit to pull that together. :-)

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Tealium Expert
I hope it is a LED bulb - the older ones are soon banned in EU :-)
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Gold Contributor
Hello @kathleen_jo,

It is great opportunity to explore ourselves where we practically experienced while working. I have posted idea to have new features intended to Extensions and given few Kudos for excellent idea post.

Happy Learning!!! Have a great day!!!
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Silver Contributor

Why thank you @mitchellt@kathleen_jo did capture my good side this time. 

@per_lundqvist The light bulb and me are friends. #yay

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<sigh> @tamedbeast. Such a diva....

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Silver Contributor

You know it @kathleen_jo! #hugs