Introducing Tealium Predict ML

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Community Manager

Tealium is proud to introduce our newest product, Tealium Predict, a fully-managed product that simplifies machine learning. Predict is a built-in machine learning technology product used with Tealium AudienceStream CDP.

With this release, Tealium takes the complicated discipline of machine learning and distills it down to specific functions. In just a few clicks, Predict can create a model with a new output attribute that is immediately made actionable in AudienceStream.

How it Works

Using Predict, you can create, optimize, and deploy data models that make meaningful predictions about your visitor behavior. Deployed models are managed by Tealium in real-time using a predictive attribute that is made available to you after your model is trained and deployed.

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Coupled with Tealium AudienceStream, Tealium Predict activates trustworthy machine learning insights across your entire implementation by helping you create more intelligent audiences

Video Demo

Enjoy the following video overview about how to create a model and interpret results using Tealium Predict.

Get Started

To learn more and get started, see the Tealium Predict User Guide.

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