Introducing the AudienceStream Visitor Lookup Tool

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Community Manager

As part of our continued effort to prepare you for GDPR, we have released the AudienceStream Visitor Lookup Tool! This tool makes it easy to search for visitor records based on any of your Visitor ID attributes, and even satisfy GDPR data subject requests by deleting those records from the system. Read on to learn more.

What's New?

Located in the Tools section of the Universal Data Hub (UDH), the Visitor Lookup Tool offers two ways to access the powerful new visitor search API. The Search tab offers the ability to search for individual visitor records based on a known value of a Visitor ID attribute and the REST API tab gives you an overview of the behind-the-scenes API calls that make it all work.


How Does It Work?

The new Visitor Lookup tool is based on the Visitor ID attributes you've defined in your account. These are the values that uniquely identify your visitors. Simply choose the desired attribute and enter a value to search for. When a visitor profile is found the full JSON object of the record is displayed in the main viewing panel. The side panel offers a more user-friendly view of all the attributes assigned to that visitor profile.


The REST API tab provides a useful guide for working with the API directly. The API can be used to implement your own GDPR compliance features.

Learn more about the new features:


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