Introducing the New Connector Workflow

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This article describes the new connector workflow, how it works, and newly available enhancements and actions.

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What's New?

Connectors now display a new, intuitive workflow and an updated interface used for building and maintaining server-side connectors and actions to benefit EventStream API Hub and AudienceStream Customer Data Platform (CDP) users. The enhancements allow for easier reporting, simplify integration set up, and offer real-time reporting for success and error counts.

New and Enhanced Features

The following list provides an overview of the enhancements now available with this connector update:

  • Updated interface
    When accessing connectors, the initial default view is an expanded snapshot of your current server-side connectors rather than the entire integration marketplace.
    About Connectors Snapshot.gif
  • Spotlight search
    Using the new Spotlight Search feature, you can begin typing a connector name for the connector you are looking for and the list will populate matches as each character is typed. From the search results, you can go directly to available options for that connector and drill-down into the details.
    About Connectors Spotlight Search.gif
  • Updated connector summary
    When you add a connector, the first page summarizes information about the connector, including what you will need, actions supported, and internal and external resources related to the connector.
    Connectors V2 ClickSend Config.jpg
  • Updated workflow
    An updated workflow in the interface reduces steps and simplifies the setup process for new server-side connectors. The interface walks users through each step of the connector setup and displays the action options already assigned for each technology.
    About Connectors Select Data Source.gif
  • Set a connector by configuration
    You can now set different configurations for a single connector. For example, you can have different configurations for your developer, sandbox, and production accounts.
    About Connectors Set by Configuration.gif
  • View Consent Categories
    Each EventStream connector in the marketplace has one or more consent categories assigned for each available action. You can now view the consent category for a specifi connector by simply clicking the Information icon next to a connector action.
    EventStream Connector Consent Categories.gif
  • View incomplete actions
    When configuring actions for a connector, a status indicator to the right of each required action displays "COMPLETED" or "INCOMPLETE" to provide a quick view of completeness before moving on. Optional actions do not display this status.
    About Connectors Actions Complete or Incomplete.gif
  • Toggle actions on and off
    Previously, you could only toggle an entire connector on or off, which turned all associated actions on or off. You can now toggle individual actions on or off, or toggle the entire connector.
    About Connectors Toggle Entire Connector or Individual Actions.gif
  • Reassign new actions
    You can now create actions and reassign those actions to server-side connectors that are already built.
  • Enhanced reporting
    Server-side connector reporting for AudienceStream and EventStream now shows total success and error counts, in real-time, and allows users to download the error information to a .csv file for examination.
  • Roll back to a previous connector version
    You can now roll back to any previous version of a connector.
    Connectors V2 Roll Back Version.jpg

Let's Get Started!

To start adding and configuring connectors using the new interface, go to About Connectors.

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