Introducing the New File Import Data Source (Omnichannel)

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The new File Import Data Source (previously known as Omnichannel Upload) adds new functionality, a more intelligent and intuitive workflow, the ability to view import activity, and better error handling and reporting.

Enjoy the following new enhancements:

  • Upload a Sample File
    Upload a sample file to automatically detect the column names.
    File Import_Step3.jpg
  • Map CSV Columns Directly to Event Attributes
    There's no more need for special omnichannel attributes, simply map column names directly to event attributes.
  • Configure a File Transfer Service
    Configure a file transfer service: Amazon S3 (Tealium bucket or your own bucket), Microsoft Azure File/Blob Storage, or FTP/SFTP
  • View Import Status Reports
    View the status of files and imported rows, including detected errors.
    File Import - Status Display with Hover Text on Bart.jpg

For more detailed information, see File Import Data Source (Omnichannel).

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