Introducing the Tealium Universal Data Hub

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As valued Tealium customers and partners, we wanted to share some exciting news with you. In the coming weeks, you will notice new terminology on our corporate website and in our product interfaces as we introduce the Tealium Universal Data Hub.


The Universal Data Hub UI will become the new home for Tealium’s data products including AudienceStream, DataAccess, as well as our expanding ecosystem of cloud-based connectors.  

Watch Tealium Founder and CTO, Mike Anderson share Tealium’s vision of the Universal Data Hub.


This isn’t a new product from Tealium, but rather it’s a clearer way for Tealium to define our role in the customer data conversation and to help you align your organization’s teams to execute your data strategy.  Our goal is to empower you to manage all of your customer data in one hub and deliver it to every team, vendor, and customer touchpoint in real-time.


The Tealium Universal Data Hub will continue to empower you to:


  • Gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior by stitching together unknown and known profiles to provide marketing and customer intelligence teams with a complete set of actionable online and offline interaction data.


  • Create better customer experiences across every channel and customer touchpoint by leveraging a single, universal profile with over 1,000 integrations with digital marketing, advertising, and customer experience and business intelligence applications.


  • Reduce operational lag time and internal dependencies by streamlining data collection, governance, activation and intelligence in one real-time hub.


Today’s consumers interact with brands across an array of devices in both the physical and digital realms. Every interaction is filled with valuable data, but acting on this data is increasingly difficult. Every team uses their own vendors and technologies and none of those solutions share a common customer-data strategy.


With over 1,000 pre-built vendor integrations, Tealium’s Universal Data Hub ensures that every aspect of your customer experience strategy–across web, mobile, advertising, offline and beyond– shares the same up-to-the-moment data to fuel exceptional customer experiences and insights.


If you have questions, please contact your account manager, partner manager or business development contact. 



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