Load Order Manager (BETA) Now Available in Tealium iQ Tag Management

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The BETA version of our new client-side feature called Load Order Manager is now available. Using this feature, you can now control the order of operations for the Universal Tag (utag.js) to simplify the way you view and manage extensions and tag ordering.

Update 2020-07-02
More improvements to the Load Order Manager are planned for release.
Learn more from Upcoming Releases to the Load Order Manager.

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Reasons for the Change

Until now, the ability to reorder extensions and tags was limited and could only be performed on one extension or tag at a time by dragging and dropping the execution order from the main extensions and tags view or using the drop-down menu. Though this process is simple, is has the following limitations:

  • When adding or editing an extension or tag, selecting the scope from the drop-down list does not always represent the true execution order. This is because the load order for extensions and tags is dictated by both execution order and extension and tag organization.
  • There is no option for bulk reordering.
  • It is difficult to reorder large lists that span beyond the visible view.
  • Searching for specific extensions and tags is difficult

What Improved

The new Load Order Manager feature provides a more scalable and user-friendly method to manage tag and extension ordering. The process is still simple but without the previous limitations.

Using Load Order Manager you can now:

  • Display a single view of all of your marketplace extensions and tags, in execution order.
  • Reorder extensions and tags more efficiently using improved drag-and-drop capabilities and numeric list ordering.
  • Use the bulk feature to simultaneously reorder and move multiple extensions and tags.
  • Use the improved search to filter extension and tag searches by label, title, type, or UID.

What Changed

  • Extensions Screen
    Extensions are now sorted and grouped by scope, according to the order of operations.
  • Tags Screen
    Under Tag Configuration > Advanced Settings, the Wait Flag is now called Tag Timing. This setting determines if tags fire at the DOM Ready event, or immediately when utag.js loads. The options are Prioritized or DOM Ready (the default value).
    Load Order_Tag Timing.jpg

Where do I get it and how do I use it?

Load Order Manager is currently launched as a client-side experiment that any user can enable at the profile level.

  1. To enable the feature, click iQ Tag Management (TiQ) > Client-Side Experiments in the left sidebar.
  2. Once enabled, the profile is saved to activate the feature. Once published, the feature is available to all users of that profile.
  3. To begin using Load Order Manager, simply click the new Edit Load Order button in the list view for any extension or tag.

For detailed information about using Load Order Manager, see Load Order Manager (BETA).

Can I provide feedback?

Yes! To provide feedback, go to TiQ: Load Order Feedback. All feedback will be reviewed during the BETA release and considered for implementation in the final release.

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