New Event Batching Feature for Mobile

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Tealium for Mobile just got an upgrade that will optimize performance for Android and iOS installations. A new feature called event batching is now available in the latest releases of Tealium for Android and Tealium for iOS (Swift).

In this announcement:

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What is Event Batching?

Event batching is a new optimization to the way data is sent from a mobile device to the Tealium Collect service.  It sends multiple events in a single HTTP request to eliminate repetitive data layer variables and to minimize the size of the payloads.

How it Works

Previously, each event tracked on a device would trigger an HTTP request to transmit that data to the Tealium Collect service. With event batching, tracked events are stored temporarily in an event queue until they are combined into one payload and sent as a single HTTP request. 

The batch payload is compressed with gzip to minimize the amount of data transmitted and the batch data is optimized to only include repeated data layer variables once.


The benefits of event batching include:

  • Reduced size of total transmitted data.
  • Fewer network requests for the same number of events.
  • Improved battery performance on the device.

Overall, you'll gain a further increase in performance, especially if you use Tealium Collect and EventStream for SDK reduction.



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