New Location Tracking and Geofencing Feature for Mobile

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Tealium for Mobile just released the Location and Geofencing module which provides user location tracking and the ability to add geofences around points of interest. This module is now available in the latest releases of Tealium for Android and Tealium for iOS (Swift).

In this announcement: 

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What is Location Tracking and Geofencing?

Location tracking is the process of receiving geographic location (latitude and longitude) from a user’s device.

A geofence is a virtual perimeter surrounding an area of interest, specified by latitude and longitude coordinates and a radius.

Geofencing is a location tracking service that combines awareness of the user’s location with the user’s proximity to a geofence. A geofence is a virtual perimeter surrounding an area of interest, specified by latitude, longitude, and a radius.

Want to learn more?

On March 12, 2020, Kyle Brierley, Director of Product and Jake Spencer, Product Marketing Manager will be hosting a live customer webinar to cover everything you need to know about Event Batch as well as Geofencing and Location Tracking for Tealium Mobile. Register below to attend you’ll walk away with new use case ideas, ask live questions, and see demos:

How it Works

Include the Location module in your Tealium for Mobile installation and, with permissions granted, your app continuously tracks user location and automatically adds latitude and longitude to the data layer.

During geofencing, a tracking call containing location data is sent when the transition state of the user changes. Transition state changes include:

  • Entering a geofence
  • Exiting a geofence
  • Dwelling inside a geofence for a period of time


The benefits of the Location module include:

  • Track continuous location events of users.
  • Provides opportunities to conduct location-based marketing.
  • High accuracy monitoring for real-time applications




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when can we have this for non-mobile TiQ ??
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Hi @mitchellt,

No talk of this yet - that would make a great Product Idea! 

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Thanks @KristenMeren, I've had a Product Idea out there for this for some time now.