New Number Type Options for Decimal and Integer Formats

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You can now select to use the decimal or integer type for number attributes. This feature applies to number attributes in Tealium EventStream and AudienceStream. There are no changes to preloaded attributes.

About Number Attributes

Previously, number attributes were stored as decimals, with no ability to change the type. This meant that connector actions would automatically receive a value with a decimal, even if the vendor expected an integer in their API. For example, a vendor that collects product purchase data might expect whole number values for product quantities, but if you mapped the product_quantity attribute with a value of [2, 1, 1] in a connector action, the value would be sent to the vendor's API as [2.00, 1.00, 1.00]. This could cause unexpected results.

What's New

attribute-number-type.pngNumber attributes now have a type property: decimal (default) or integer. This setting determines how the value is stored and transmitted. All existing number attributes will have the default type of decimal.

The number type option can be changed after the attribute is created, so you can adjust existing attributes as needed.

To specify the number type, simply select an option from the Type drop-down list.

The available options are:

  • Decimal (default)
    Decimal values can have zero (0) or more decimal digits. This type is recommended for attributes that represent monetary values.
    Examples: 12, 12.0, 12.345 
  • Integer
    Integer values are stored as whole numbers. This type is useful for attributes that represent quantities, counters, or scores.
    Examples: 12, -4, 3214

This feature is available for the following attributes:

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