New eBook: Your Secret Weapon for Customer Retention and Expansion: First Party Data and A CDP

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We are in a world of massive change. Businesses across the globe are under pressure to be more efficient, reduce spend, and drive growth, but not at all costs. Your Secret Weapon for Customer Retention and Expansion: First Party Data and A CDP explores how the most successful companies are turning today’s challenges into opportunities by connecting customer data through a Customer Data Platform (CDP) and using unified customer profiles to retain customers, grow loyalty, and cut costs, all at the same time.

Global economic pressures and risk averse consumers pose challenges for all companies. So how can companies deliver on their revenue goals with reduced resources or budget constraints?

When there is economic instability, a proven strategy is to double down on your customer base. Nothing is more important than ensuring your current customers are happy and ensuring their needs are met.

In this eBook we provide:

  • Three proven strategies to make the biggest impact on customer retention and expansion
  • Five ways to firm up customer retention efforts
  • Two methods for driving expansion within your established customer base
  • Two tactics for creating proud and loud customer advocates
  • Four new ways to incorporate innovation into your customer engagement
  • Real life Tealium customer use cases and experiences to showcase how success can be found
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