Noteworthy Feature Releases – AudienceStream – April 2016

Tealium Employee

Connector (New) - Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a web-based spreadsheet application that allows you to store and organize different types of information. After providing AudienceStream access to your Google Drive, the connector allows you to add or update a row by providing a Spreadsheet name, Worksheet name, and any other necessary information.

Connector (new) - Sailthru

Sailthru allows marketers to manage consumer relationships at the individual user level across all channels. It’s the realization of a promise that has been made to marketers for more than a decade. Sailthru’s ability to deliver personal communications and experiences to every unique individual is driving lift and creating revenue where marketers, like you, want it most. You can leverage Sailthru API features “Add User to List”, “Remove User from List” and “Send Transactional Email”.

Connector (Update) - New Action “Post Generic Database Tables” for CCMP

CCMP is a flexible yet advanced system for handling your data for campaigns. The existing actions were very limited in nature comparatively, therefore the new action is designed to take more advantage of CCMPs flexible XML API. That being said, please look to your Digital Strategist for guidance on how to configure this new action.

AudienceStore (New, Previously Known As Managed S3 for Audiences)

As a part of the DataAccess solution, this connector gives you the ability to export visitor profiles to Amazon S3 with either JSON or CSV format. Once it’s in S3, you will have the ability to connect to it and dissect the data using your preferred business intelligence tools. This is complementary to EventStore which stores event-level data. Your Account Manager must enable AudienceStore.

AudienceSizing (New)

We are pumped to share our latest innovation with you. It's a brand new way to discover and take action on visitors who have interacted with your site before. You can visualize new Audiences using historical visitor data and target them with an Action from the Connectors Marketplace. Audience Sizing is visual, bright and interactive.

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