Noteworthy Feature Releases – AudienceStream – August 2016

Tealium Employee

Event Attributes (New)

This is a foundational, yet part of an incremental change to the way AudienceStream works and will work.

You can now create, configure and manage all of your event attributes right within in AudienceStream. Not only can you define new event attributes, you can also assign enrichments to them the same way you would for Visit and Visitor scoped attributes. In addition to this, the newly redesigned Attributes tab gives you a bird's-eye view of your entire datalayer, and built-in rich filtering capabilities allow you to dissect your datalayer whichever way you want.

The following TLC posts have been updated to correctly reflect the use of EventAttributes:


Optimizely (New)

Optimizely is the leading experience optimization platform, providing A / B testing and personalization for websites and mobile apps. This integration allows you to use AudienceStream audiences or badges in Optimizely, allowing you to deliver personalized experiences or create targeted tests.

Previously the Tealium integration with Optimizely was managed through Tealium Tools and the communication of data was handled client-side. The release of the connector allows server-to-server communication of your data to benefit from all the AudienceStream can do!

Timeline Entry (Update)

Currently, the timeline attribute keys off a timestamp to store entries. This works well for online activities since there is only one entry occurring at a time.

However, for omnichannel enrichments, if there is a date assigned to grouped rows for a given user, only one entry will be made in the timeline because the timeline can only have one entry per timestamp. Here is an example feed that assigns multiple orders for a user on the same day.

user_id, order_date, order_id, order_total, order_subtotal
user123, 20160623, order123, 23.99, 12.33
user123, 20160623, order456, 12.99, 10.99

In this scenario we will only capture 1 entry in the timeline because there is only 1 date. This is obviously not ideal, therefore, we have updated the timeline attribute to allow more than one entry for a given timestamp.

Sendgrid (Update)

Using a colon as the identifier for a replacement/template substitution caused problems with the CSS in HTML styled email templates where the colon is used within the code. This caused situations within the UI where you see CSS variable values listed as possible substitution fields. This issue has been resolved.

Second, although sending an email works, it will always send as plain text even if the template is HTML formatted. This issue has been resolved.

Eloqua (Update)

If you tried to update any field within a contact, the update would fail for any character that needed URL encoding. This issue has been resolved.

Salesforce (Update)

Salesforce has been updated to use TLS 1.1, and 1.2, in place of TLS 1.0.

AdWords Customer Match (Update)

Furthered our process of approval per Google. This is hidden for the time being until Google is able to fully approve our connection.

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