Noteworthy Feature Releases – AudienceStream – January 2016

Tealium Employee

Action – Reponsys (Update) – OptionalData in TriggerCustomAction

The existing Responsys API could call the “TriggerCustomEvent” API, however it could not pass any custom data with that call. More specific, a RecipientData object consists of a Recipient object and an OptionalData object array, this update allows mapping of data to the OptionalData object array.


Lotame – Audience Extraction

A JavaScript tag that returns a JSON object containing relevant information about the visitor. One of many steps of a large Lotame integration.


AudienceStream and DataAccess Regions

We have added region support so customers can specify which region DataAccess and Omnichannel will be processed/persisted. This is the effect of the Safe Harbor law.


The 2 regions to be chosen from are:

  • Global (us-east)
  • Ireland (eu-west)

This affects the following products:

  • Omnichannel S3
  • Eventstore S3
  • EventDB Redshift
  • Audiencedb Redshift

If you currently have any of the above 4 products you will continue to use the Global region unless manually changed. Learning Community post to come shortly.


Various DataAccess Updates

More performance updates have been made to DataAccess to ensure Amazon Redshift remains scalable and provides speedy performance.

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