Noteworthy Feature Releases – AudienceStream – June 2016

Tealium Employee

Infusionsoft (New)

Infusionsoft offers an e-mail marketing and sales platform, including products to streamline the customer lifecycle, customer relationship management, marketing automation, lead capture, and e-commerce. The following actions can be configured: Add or Update Contact, Delete Contact, Apply Contact Tags, Remove Contact Tags.

Webhook (Update)

The AudienceDirect connector and the Webhook connector have been consolidated into a single connector called “Webook”. In addition to POST, GET, and PUT there are now two new options that represent the deprecated AudienceDirect actions called “POST - visitor” and “PUT - visitor”. The consolidation occurred because these are performing the same action which is to send Event or Audience data to a custom endpoint.

Webhook (Update)

The Webhook now supports sending List and Tally attributes.

A Tally will be passed as a stringified object.

"Tally" : {
"tallykey1" : #,
"tallyKey2" : #,
"tallyKey3" : #


"Clothing Categories" : {
Tops : 1,
Bottoms : 3,
Shoes : 5

A List will be passed as a comma separated string.

"List" : ["listVal1", "listVal2", "listVal3"]


"Clothing Categories" : ["Tops", "Bottoms", "Shoes"]

Campaign Monitor (Update)

General Improvements

  • Fixed various typos in the UI
  • Provided more documentation in various field descriptions
  • Better logging of API errors with more information that could help us troubleshoot problems down the road
  • Eliminated a number of cases where the UI would display an error message when it shouldn't have

Action "Add or Update Subscriber":

  • No longer incorrectly triggering an error when action succeeds
  • Drop-down fields support more data layer attribute types
  • Updated action name to reflect the fact it can also update subscriber data
  • Introduced new section for selecting Custom Fields and proper handling of date data layer attributes

Action "Delete Subscriber":

  • Changed UI field for providing email to a simple drop down instead of a map field
  • Previous setup was confusing in potentially letting the user assume they could enter multiple emails to delete, even though our backend could only handle one and ignore others

Action "Unsubscribe Subscriber":

  • New action
  • Campaign Monitor recommends using unsubscribe instead of delete action in majority of cases

Adobe Analytics (Update)

Several updates were made in regard to typos and rephrasing "improvements." This was mostly just polish.

Date Attribute (Update)

Using the “Set date” enrichment you can now store a Tealium iQ data source as a Date attribute with the “Set date” enrichment. This is useful for storing a date, such as a future travel booking.

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