Noteworthy Feature Releases – AudienceStream – September 2016

Tealium Employee

AudienceStream Omnichannel (Update)

Previously, when an Omnichannel file was processed:

  • attribute enrichments would not apply immediately
  • visitor stitching would not occur
  • "In Audience at Omnichannel Import" action was only available during the bulk import process
  • if you were setting a visitor id attribute, even with a bulk import action, visitor stitching would not occur until the visitor comes back to the website

We realize the above and have improved Omnichannel as follows:

  • attribute enrichments will apply immediately
  • visitor stitching will occur
  • if you are setting a visitor id attribute, we will create the required visitor profiles

We are also dropping the "In Audience at Omnichannel Import" action. Any existing bulk import actions will continue to trigger. To mimic this action, use the standard "Join Audience" option. This also means that all other actions are now eligible to fire based on an Omnichannel event.

Epsilon Harmony (New)

Epsilon Harmony is a multichannel digital marketing solution that allows to track and adjust email, mobile and social campaigns in real time. Deliver personalized messages to customers and optimize accordingly.

You are currently able to trigger a "Send Message" action. More API actions may come in the future.

DataAccess – IP Address (Update)

There is now a global admin setting within the Universal Data Hub that allows customers to capture IP information from the HTTP Headers. By default, this is turned off, but please reach out to your Account/Deployment Manager to have this enabled.

This feature is useful for Cloud Delivery of analytics solutions so that, for example, demographic reports based on location are correct.

The Trade Desk Cookie Matching Service (New)

To make use of The Trade Desk connection within AudienceStream, users must first enable the cookie sync between The Trade Desk and Tealium. This is now done with The Trade Desk Cookie Matching Service tag found within Tealium iQ.

Google Analytics (Update)

The Google Analytics connector now supports the ability to dynamically state the Tracking ID. This is important as some client use a different GA account for each property, so they may have 50 accounts in Google. In order to use Cloud Delivery, they would have to have built 50 connectors that were all the same except for the Tracking ID. However, this update now allows you to configure one action then map a String (a.k.a. Trait) that contains the dynamic value.

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