Noteworthy Feature Releases – Universal Data Hub – January 2017

Tealium Employee

Webhook (Update)

Webhook Post/Put Actions have been updated to support the latest TLS & Apache HTTP Client to overcome issues connecting to systems such as Amazon Lambda. This now supports Server Name Indication (introduced in 4.3.2).


Single Sign On (New)

A reminder that SSO using the SAML protocol and Ping Identify interpreter has been released. Please contact your Account Manager for details. Read more.

New Enrichments: Set of Strings from a Tally

Now you can tailor recommendations based on visitors' most viewed content or purchased items. That’s right! We have two new Enrichments that return a Set of Strings from a Tally: the items with the highest values (Set to Top Tally items) and the items with values above a limit (Set to Tally Items Above Target Value). This duo of Enrichments takes the guesswork out of targeted marketing by helping you identify the Tally items that have most piqued your visitors’ interest.

Microsoft Dynamics (Updated)

We have added more functionality into the Dynamics connector. In addition to the already available actions, you can now:

  • Add Custom Entity to Contact/Lead
  • Update Custom Entity
  • Send more than one unique_Id (gives the customer the ability to send non PII info as secondary unique identifiers such as phone# or DialogTech ID)
  • Convert Lead to Contact


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