Noteworthy Feature Releases – Universal Data Hub – October 2016

Tealium Employee

Note: these posts are now referred to as "Universal Data Hub" instead of only "AudienceStream".

Universal Data Hub

AudienceStream has been renamed to "Universal Data Hub". The UDH consists of the following products: AudienceStream, DataAccess, and Cloud Delivery.

Connector Expansion (Fix)

There was a minor bug where based on a sequence of mouse clicks an action could not be opened. Specifically, from the My Connectors window: click any connector to expand the details, hover over an action, click the “Edit Action” button, the Actions modal will appear, click on the Configure tab, click back to the Actions tab, click any action to expand. At this point the action would not expand and the Actions modal had to be closed and reopened to view the action details. This issue has been resolved.

AudienceStream Styling (Update)

Several minor styling updates were made, such as too much space after bullets and Omnichannel sample output being cutoff instead of wrapping text.

AudienceStream Trace (Fix)

Pre-loaded Event Attributes were not being displayed in Trace correctly, this issue has been resolved.

Webhook Connector (Update)

The Webhook Connector has been limited to the type of data formats it could support. Initially it only supported passing data as query string parameters. It was later updated to support a POST of a flattened JSON Object.

The latest release has further increased the flexibility of the connector to support nested JSON objects as well as custom Headers. All connector actions support custom headers, and the new “Send Custom Request” supports building nested objects leveraging the Trimou Templating engine. You can read more about the Webhook connector here.

DataAccess Console (update)

Previously, only event attributes could be turned on/off for EventDB. We now allow tags to be turned on/off for EventDB.

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