Q1 2016 Customer Webinar Summary

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In our Q1 Customer Webinar Tealium Founder and CTO, Mike Anderson, walks through some recent feature releases and enhancements, and provides a sneak peek of upcoming Q2 announcements.


How can you stay up to date on feature releases?

In the Tealium AudienceStream dashboard, you may notice a red gem icon in the top right hand corner.  Click on this icon and an update will appear notifying you of any newly released features, functionality, connectors, and more. Click again on the specific update, and more details will appear on what the feature does and how it works.  


Q1 Product and Feature Releases


Cloud-Based Delivery

There are two ways to effectively deliver data.

  • Device-based delivery- This is where the data is coming directly from a device.  Tealium is sending pixels from a customer’s browser directly to a technology vendor. Today, Tealium has over 1000 vendors in our marketplace.
  • Cloud-based delivery- New in Tealium, cloud-based delivery is when one pixel is sent into an event gateway system, and then that system relays the data to vendors. This simplifies the process by sending one data stream to a cloud based repository, and then the data is sent to vendors.  This type of delivery allows for increased site performance, reduces the load on a device, reduces battery taxation and much more.


In today’s world, both delivery options are needed.  As more vendors start to allow for cloud-based delivery, Tealium will continue to build out this marketplace.


Connector Marketplace Redesign

The Connector Marketplace redesign allows for Tealium to continue its vision to be the place where marketers go to be successful. Now, you can easily see what you can do with with specific vendors without having to go through a configuration process.


Elements of the redesign include-

  • Integrations more clearly exposed
  • Immediately see what you can do with specific integrations
  • Ability to sort by connector type


Previously, all integrations and their documentation were only available in the Tealium product.  Now, all of this information is publicly documented on tealium.com/integrations so if you have others on your team, such as marketers or developers, that need access to this information it is all available on the Tealium website.



We live in a connected world, but different countries have different requirements and approaches to data.  

  • Regions enables users to configure when you start collecting data, where the data is going to reside- whether that is isolated to a continent or a country.
  • With the recent changes to Safe Harbor, you need a partner you can rely on that can collect data properly and abide by the rules of individual regions.


Mobile Version 5

At Tealium, we are constantly working to improve, update and add features to mobile.  


New features include-

  • Unified Libraries- The Collect, Compact and Full libraries are now one unified library for iOS and Android
  • Expanded Support for TV and Wearables- Updates for iOS and Android features, plus new support for tvOS and Cordova
  • Multiple Instances in One App- Tealium now allows for the ability to run multiple configurations in one app
  • New Developer Options- New APIs and callback features provide more control to developers


Tealium Learning Community Redesign

Tealium has unveiled a new Learning Community designed with a logical user experience in mind and filled with great new content for our customers.


Enhanced Security Features

Tealium has released new, integrated features designed to ensure the security of your account, your website and your data.


New security features include-

  • Version Code Diff
  • Version Messaging
  • Resource Locks
  • Default MFA
  • Intrusion Detection


What’s Ahead?


Audience Sizing

Located in the Discovery section of AudienceStream, Audience Sizing allows you to start discovering relevant, historical audiences and take action on them in real-time.


Plays and Playbooks

AudienceStream Plays provide best practices and fundamental guidance on how to use AudienceStream through step-by-step instructions within the solution interface. Specific plays will be available for Tealium customers just getting started with the solution, and for those interested in more industry specific use cases.


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