Release Notes - April 2021

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Learn about the new features and fixes released in April 2021.


New/Cool Stuff

  • New marketplace tag: Adjust Mobile Remote Command (Learn more)
  • Updated the Google Analytics (gtag.js) tag to include the send_to parameter on page_view events. (Learn more)
  • Updated the Rakuten Marketing from "Rakuten Marketing" to "Rakuten Advertising", added the nonCentCurrencies parameter, and updated endpoint configurations. (Learn more)


New/Cool Stuff

  • Updated Adobe Analytics Connector to support event serialization. (Learn more)
  • Improved error deserialization for Google Ads Conversion connector to handle 429 HTTP responses. (Learn more)
  • Deprecated current Criteo Audience Match connector and introduced new Criteo connector. (Learn more)


  • Updated logic in Google Floodlight connector to correctly account for partially successful API responses.

iQ Tag Management


  • Corrected an issue causing tags to display incorrect history data.
  • Corrected an issue causing the inability to scroll load rules.
  • Corrected an issue with extensions using the Preloader scope that resulted in utag.js failure.
  • Corrected issue causing DOM Ready extensions to not display properly in Load Order Manager.

Customer Data Hub


  • Corrected issue in AudienceStream > Audience Discovery where users could not access the Audiences drop-down list.



  • Remote Commands
    • Applied HTTP remote command updates to format the request body based on the content-type header.

  • Android (Java)
    • Updated the Android SDK to allow suppression of remote_api events.

  • Android (Kotlin)
    • Updated the Kotlin SDK to allow for custom consent policies.
    • Updated the device collector for Kotlin to include device_language.
    • Added os_name to Kotlin for consistency with Swift.
    • Added module_names, enabled_modules, and enabled_modules_versions to Kotlin events to improve the debugging experience.
    • Added the tealium_profile override setting to the CollectDispatcher for Kotlin.
    • Updated the Kotlin CollectDispatcher to correctly encode the receipt of collections and non-standard characters in EventStream.
    • Updated Kotlin to correctly include REQUEST_UUID for each track in the event request payload.
    • Corrected the Kotlin library_version key to be the tealium_library_version key.

  • Flutter
    • Updated the Tealium for Flutter API with the ability to use the Swift library.
    • Updated the Tealium for Flutter API with the ability to use the Kotlin library.

  • React Native
    • Added a Remote Command adapter to enable any remote command to be added to the React Native plug-in.
    • Added "on-ready" callback support for Tealium initialization using React Native.

  • iOS Swift
    • Updated the Swift SDK to allow for custom consent policies.
    • Updated the Swift crash reporter module to correctly include crash_count for the total number of crashes.
    • To successfully set and sync cookies, added the ability to allow a process pool for multiple webviews to be set up each time WKWebview is instantiated.
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