Release Notes - December 2021

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Learn about the new features and fixes released in December 2021.


New/Cool Stuff

  • Added functionality to to support custom parameters for custom events. Learn More
  • Updated the Tealium Collect tag to support tealium_cookie_domain and tealium_cookie_expiry parameters, for use with Tealium First-Party Domains.
  • Upgraded the Snowplow tag to version 3.1.2.


New/Cool Stuff

  • Updated the Google Customer Match connector to support a header for Manager Customer ID. Learn More
  • Created a new connector for Criteo which adds support for more event types and better handling of product data. Learn More


  • Updated the Adobe Analytics connector to support mappings for marketingcloudorgid, customerPerspective, and fallbackVisitorId parameters.
  • Updated the logic for the products node in the Adobe Analytics connector.
  • The Silverpop connector was rebranded to Acoustic Transact. Learn More
  • Updated the Acoustic Campaign connector in experiments to support OAuth authentication. Learn More
  • Updated the Webhook OAuth2 flow to make Client ID an optional field for endpoints that only require Basic Authorization.
  • Updated the Twitter Audiences connector to version 10 of their API. Learn More
  • Fixed an issue in the Google Sheets connector where some numeric values with leading zeros were encoded  incorrectly.



  • Tealium for Xamarin
    • Released Tealium for Xamarin 2.x to support iOS Swift 2.x and Android Kotlin. Learn More
  • Tealium for iOS
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