Release Notes - February 2023

Tealium Employee

Tealium iQ Tag Management

  • Updated Scroll Event triggers to fix unexpected selected checkbox.
  • Updated Load Rules to allow users to delete newly-created rules.
  • Updated Load Rules inherited from libraries so they properly map to tags.

Client-Side Tags

New/Cool Stuff


  • 6sense tag updated to add Trigger Event on Detect option.
  • AcuityAds Pixel tag updated to pass event snippet data only on order confirmation or thank you pages.
  • Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK tag updated to use alloy.js 2.14.0 and to realign configurations and data mappings.
  • Adobe Media Analytics tag updated to fix visitor ID errors in the template, an error with the mapping destination, and an error with events mapping.
  • Connexity Pixel Template updated to include add_to_cart and product_view_event functionality.
  • Criteo Cookie Matching Service tag updated to include attribute name information in Tips section.
  • Extole tag updated to use new JavaScript filepath, add calls-to-action to data mapping, and fix existing data mappings for calls-to-action.
  • Google Publisher tag updated to add Publisher Provided ID to Standard data mappings.
  • Oracle CX tag updated use new base JavaScript base URL path.
  • Pinterest tag updated to add Limited Data Processing (LDP) with associated parameters and to add Generate Event ID option to configuration.
  • Podsights Pixel tag updated to include new E-commerce category and mappings.
  • TikTok Pixel tag updated to make it easier to configure.
  • Top tag template updated to use the tag's new workflow.
  • Twitter Pixel tag updated to fix mapping issue with E-commerce mappings.

Removed tags

  • Darf Ad (DPF) tag

Data Sources

Server-Side Connectors

New/Cool Stuff


  • Appcues connector updated to use current methods, to use mapped User IDs or Tealium Visitor ID if no mapping present for Appcues.identity(userid), and add Track Anonymous Users toggle to configuration.
  • Criteo connector updated to format non-typed product attributes in JSON output.
  • Criteo Audience Match connector updated to use new API version 2022.10.
  • Google Ads connector updated to use API version 12.
  • Google DV360/Ad Manager connector updated to add Network ID configuration.
  • Kinesis connector updated to add region support.
  • Mediamath connector updated to change User ID mapping destination.
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