Release Notes - June 2019

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New/Cool Stuff

  • New marketplace tag: Confirmit
  • New marketplace tag: ContactWare for CX
  • New marketplace tag: Jornaya
  • New marketplace tag: LiveIntent In-App Tracking
  • Updated the Adobe AppMeasurement for JavaScript tag to Version 2.14. (Learn more)
  • Updated the Adobe Experience Cloud ID service tag to Version 4.3. (Learn more)
  • Updated Facebook Pixel to support passing an event.
  • Updated the Tealium Collect tag to capture downstream tag data.


  • Corrected the network ID parameter name for the Adition tag.
  • Updated the tab description for User ID and AuthState for the Adobe Experience Cloud ID Service tag.


New/Cool lStuff

  • Updated API error messaging for the Google Adwords Customer Match connector to include more detailed information.


  • Corrected an issue with connector HTTP request retries that caused an abnormal number of reported errors (excludes SOAP and older connectors).
  • Updated the Facebook Ads connector to remove the MULTI_HASH filter from the audience lookup options.

iQ Tag Management


  • Corrected issue causing the Go Live Notification email to be sent more than once for some accounts
  • Updated the Tealium welcome email template to include updated links to Documentation, Forums, and Tealium Education Online.

Universal Data Hub

New/Cool Stuff

  • Added rule and audience support for "matches regular expression (Regex)" for string operands.
  • The Visitor Profile Sampler now displays a stitching distribution graph and five dashlets displaying a report of the most frequently asked questions. (Learn more)


  • Corrected issue causing an error when selecting the Visitor ID attribute as a perspective in Audience Discovery.
  • Corrected issue in AudienceDB to display all attributes instead of only displaying the enabled attributes.



  • Corrected issue causing Android application crashes when running multiple webviews.
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