Release Notes - June 2021

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Learn about the new features and fixes released in June 2021.


New/Cool Stuff

  • New marketplace tag: Quantcast Cookie Matching Service (Learn more)
  • Updated the Google Ads Conversion Tracking and Remarketing (gtag.js) tag to include custom events and added mapping properties to specific events. (Learn more)
  • Updated the CIM gemiusPrism tag to include section mapping. (Learn more)
  • Updated the PerimeterX Bot Defender tag branding and expanded vendor description. (Learn more)
  • Updated the Yahoo Dot (Verizon) tag to support multiple Pixel IDs. (Learn more)


  • Updated the Adlucent tag to remove TAX and SHIPPING from mapping and descriptions. (Learn more)
  • The previously unavailable Kayak tag is now updated and available in the tags marketplace. (Learn more)
  • Updated the Adobe Analytics tag to set s.cookieDomainPeriods to ensure that the correct cookie domain for plugins is received. (Learn more)
  • Updated the Commission Junction (CJ) Global tag to include static variables pointOfSale=web and trackingSource=Tealium for all queries. (Learn more)
  • Updated the Criteo OneTag to correctly set the setCustomerId field. (Learn more)
  • Corrected issue with the Bing tag where event label was not populated and corrected the variable reference for mapping event_label. (Learn more)
  • Corrected issues with custom even mapping for the Google Analytics 4 (GA4) tag. (Learn more)
  • Corrected regex issues with the Google Analytics 4 (GA4) tag where the view_item_list event only returned a single item. (Learn more)


New/Cool Stuff

  • New marketplace connector: Snapchat Conversions (Learn more)
  • New marketplace connector: Kayak Conversion Tracking (Learn more)
  • New marketplace connector: Oracle Infinity Analytics (Learn more)
  • Updated the Twitter Ads connector API version from Version 8 to Version 9 and updated the name of the connector from Twitter Tailored Audiences to Twitter Custom Audiences. (Learn more)
  • Updated the Facebook Conversions connector parameters to include validation to the client IP address and client user agent. (Learn more)
  • Updated the Tealium approval email address for the Snapchat Audience Match connector. (Learn more)


  • Fixed an issue with the Webhook connector when using the Print Attribute Names setting that caused visitor ID attributes to be printed as their IDs instead of as their names.

iQ Tag Management

New/Cool Stuff

  • Added a new extension scope for use with the JavaScript Code or Advanced JavaScript Code extensions named utag Sync that associates an extension to the utag.sync.js file. (Learn more)
  • When using the Usercentrics extension to import new Data Processing Services, changed and removed services are now highlighted in the interface before the changes are introduced. (Learn more)


  • Corrected an issue causing an unnecessary error message to display when switching profiles.
  • Updated the user interface to correct an issue where overly long version names prevented the Save/Publish button from displaying properly.
  • Corrected an issue where concurrent users with proper permissions were to not be able to merge versions in some cases.
  • Updated the Edit Tag Template screen to not display the template drop-down list when viewing directly from the tag view.

Customer Data Hub


  • Disabled the Load Profile button in the profile switcher modal in cases where the Profiles field is blank.
  • Corrected the scope selection drop-down list displayed in the AudienceStream Add Attribute screen.



  • Android
    • Fixed an issue with the Location module for Kotlin that caused the module to crash on startup when the device was offline.
    • Corrected React Native issue with Kotlin 2.x where launch events were not immediately sent when the application launched, but in the next lifecycle event.
  • iOS
    • Removed the UIWebView cookie migration code and the cookie migration listener.
    • Corrected issue with Swift that caused persistent data (app cache) to be deleted after an OS upgrade.
    • Corrected a CoreTelephony log issue with Swift.
    • Updated iOS deep linking and QR Trace to support SceneDelegate by using the UISceneWillConnectNotification to initiate the "swizzle" proxy.
    • Added the WKWebView processPool fix to the Objective C library.
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