Release Notes - June 2022

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Community Manager

Learn about the new features and fixes released in June 2022.

Tealium iQ Tag Management

  • Fixed an issue with resource locks not being enforced for labels. Resource locks are now enforced for labels. If you do not have manage resource and save profile permissions, you cannot edit or delete a resource locked label.
  • Updated Add Label button in the Load Rules screen with a new dropdown featuring a quick add for new labels.

Client-Side Tags

New/Cool Stuff


  • Added mapping event for setCustomerID event for Adobe Experience Cloud ID Service tag
  • Improved Transaction ID automapping logic, which is now part of the conversion object instead of the user data object, for the Google Ads Conversions tag.

Data Sources

  • Updated the Python data source code for the Add Data Source wizard to correct a problem with library initialization.

Server-Side Connectors

New/Cool Stuff




  • Android Airship Remote Command updated to latest version.
  • Flutter Plugin
    • Added collect profile override.
    • Upgraded to latest Swift and Android library versions.
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