Release Notes - June 2023

Community Manager
Community Manager

Tealium iQ Tag Management


  • Fixed an issue with the confirmation dialog for deleting an extension where content was not completely visible.
  • Updated the Versions screen to move the Legend tab to the bottom right of the view.
  • Updated the Tags and Events summary tabs in the All Pages and Events load rule summary screen to display all associated tags and events.
  • Updated All Pages and Events to display a Rule preview.
  • Fixed an issue where milestone data was placed in the data layer as a nested object. The type property that had the value percentageComplete or timeViewed is no longer displayed in the data layer.
  • The Save/Publish button has been updated so that it can no longer be clicked while saving/publishing.
  • Fixed an issue in the delete extensions popup where text is displayed partially.

Client-Side Tags

New/Cool Stuff


Server-Side Connectors

New/Cool Stuff


Consent and Data Privacy

  • Added Consent Integrations to the change history in Tealium iQ.
  • Updated the Consent Integrations framework template utcm_framework to version 1.0.6. This ensures that load rules are reliably evaluated in time for DOM Ready extension conditions, and fixes an issue where events entered the implicitEventQueue backwards and were processed out of order.
  • Added support for Consent Integrations configurations in Tealium iQ’s Merge Feature.
  • Updated consent integrations to ensure that custom environments are updated correctly when switching between Tealium iQ profiles and publishing works as expected.

Tealium Connect

  • Updated Tealium Connect data source Summary and Get Code descriptions.


  • Added a login endpoint to the Responsys Marketing Cloud (REST) API.
  • Added rate limiting by IP address to the Account Recovery endpoint.
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