Release Notes - May 2020

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New/Cool Stuff

  • New marketplace tag: Adition Cookie Matching (Learn more)
  • New marketplace tag: Adition (Tagging) (Learn more)
  • New marketplace tag: Adition (Track) (Learn more)
  • New marketplace tag: Hotjar (Learn more)
  • Introduced a new version of the Facebook Pixel tag for tighter integration with the Facebook Server-Side Events connector. (Learn more)


New/Cool Stuff

  • New marketplace connector: Adition Tagging (Learn more)
  • New marketplace connector: Chameleon (Learn more)
  • New marketplace connector: (Learn more)
  • New marketplace connector: Impact Radius Conversion (Learn more)
  • New marketplace connector: Klaviyo (Learn more)
  • New marketplace connector: New Relic Browser (Learn more)
  • New marketplace connector: New Relic Mobile (Learn more)
  • New marketplace connector: (Learn more)
  • Added new upload key types for the Google AdWords Customer Match connector. (Learn more)

iQ Tag Management

New/Cool Stuff

  • Introduced the CCPA Consent Manager feature that enables you to add a privacy banner and popup to your site in support of compliance California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA). (Learn more)

Customer Data Hub

New/Cool Stuff

  • Introduced the new server-side users and permission roles feature to create a separation of access between the Tealium client-side interface and the server-side interface. (Learn more)


New/Cool Stuff

  • Android
    • Updated to Tealium Android 5.7.1.
  • iOS
    • Updated Swift iOS to Version 1.9.4.
  • React Native 1.0.10
    • Added the ability to override the Collect Dispatch URL in the initializeCustom method.
    • Enabled null in the TypeScript definition for parameters that accept it.
    • Updated React Native to Version 1.0.10.


  • Android
    • Implemented WebViewClient onRenderProcessGone for Android API 26+ to gracefully handle a render process crash and reinitialize the WebView (for the Tag Management module only).
  • iOS
    • Corrected issue causing errors across Tealium targets when attempting to implement SwiftUI views in tvOS, macOS, and watchOS app targets.
    • Added Cartfile.resolved to avoid invalid Carthage circular dependency message.
  • React Native
    • Corrected TypeScript definition for remote command methods.
  • Remote Commands
    • Corrected issue causing observer to be called twice in some circumstances.
    • Corrected the React Native TypeScript definition for remote command methods.
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