Release Notes - May 2022

Community Manager
Community Manager

Tealium iQ Tag Management

  • Added a new feature to Manage Rules that identifies rules that are not used and bulk delete.
  • Fixed an issue where an inherited variable of the same name from different libraries appeared in a profile twice.
  • Fixed an issue where failure messages weren't appearing on login failure.
  • Fixed an issue where inheriting a library into a profile caused all inherited tags and load rules to be flagged as changed, not just the elements that had changed.
  • Fixed a bug where load rules on new inherited tags were not being respected when initially published.

Client-Side Tags

Tealium EventStream and Tealium AudienceStream

  • Added Expand All toggle for collapsible connector functionality.
  • Added a new action to the Amplitude connector which supports non-batched requests to the API endpoint.
  • Fixed an issue where the activations link on the Audience page did not bring into focus the correct connector.
  • Updated the connectors interface to remove the default collapsible Vendor Connector view.

Tealium Predict ML

  • Fixed an issue where the required field validation was not clearing out after entering a value.

Server-Side Connectors

New/Cool Stuff


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