Release Notes - May 2023

Community Manager
Community Manager

Tealium iQ Tag Management


  • Updated the Mapping Toolbox to resolve an issue with the display of mapping destinations.
  • Updated merge functionality to preserve tag template changes for Tealium Custom Container, Tealium Generic Tag, Tealium Pixel, and Custom Remote Command tags.
  • Updated Save/Publish as follows:
    • To display unsaved changes to library data.
    • To enable an Alert bar and alert messages when validation errors exist in the Title or Notes fields.
    • To show the Merge button on the Versions tab in the upper right.
  • Updated the Tags screen to fix a potential JavaScript error that caused Search issues.
  • Updated the Tag details view to resolve issue with display of rules and events.
  • Updated the Tags API to support tags that include special save_handler functions that overwrite fields in the tag configuration.
  • Updated the Tags API to resolve validation errors that prevented Tags API replace inherited tags from working properly.
  • Updated the Versions screen to enable the Show Version Relationship filter, which is now selected by default.
  • Updated the Versions screen to support the Archived label for archived versions, which indicates a version you cannot switch to.

Client-Side Tags

New/Cool Stuff


  • Updated the Adobe Analytics AppMeasurement for JS tag popup text that is displayed when you change the Adobe Analytics version.
  • Updated the Adobe Analytics AppMeasurement for JS tag to support the collectHighEntropyUserAgentHints parameter.
  • Updated Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK tag as follows:
    • Set Edge Domain field to the default value of and update field description.
    • Support Datastream ID field in place of Config ID field.
    • Update the description of Org ID field.
    • Support additional auto-mapped variables including commerce and productListItems objects.
    • Support the Event Trigger mapping category.
  • Updated the AT Internet Piano Analytics tag to support the Set Consent Mode method.
  • Updated the Contentsquare UX Analytics tag to correct the description of the dynamic variables category for data mapping.
  • Updated the LINE tag to support Conversion events.
  • The LiveRamp Realtime IdentityLink Pixel is now deprecated.
  • Updated the ObservePoint tag, which can be used to validate your data layer, to allow it to be published to PROD if testing and validation cannot be done in the staging environment.
  • Updated the Piwik Pro tag  to support Send Page View configuration field (true/false) to disable automatically sending Page View events.
  • Updated the Twitter Pixel tag to resolve an issue that occurred when Generate Event ID is set to false.
  • The Xandr tag (formerly AppNexus) is now deprecated. Xandr recommends migrating to the Xandr Universal Pixel tag.

Server-Side Connectors

New/Cool Stuff


Consent and Data Privacy

  • Updated Consent Integrations to remove rules generated by events from the Enforcement Rules dropdowns for Integrations and Exemptions.
  • Updated the default OneTrust Purpose Group to leave Tealium iQ unassigned. Previously, the default was Strictly Necessary.
  • Updated Consent Integrations to resolve an issue in which events were sometimes not added to the implicit event queue for reprocessing upon explicit consent.

File Import

  • Updated File Import report title to be the name of the File Import data source.

Tealium for Pharma

  • New Pharma Data Source: PulsePoint HCP365


  • Updated Trace title to resolve issue with capitalization of message.

Visitor Deletion Jobs


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