Release Notes - September 2022

Community Manager
Community Manager

Learn about the new features and fixes released in September 2022.

Tealium iQ Tag Management

  • Updated to scroll to the new extensions position on the page when adding an extension.
  • Updated to add validation to the save and publish button so that it is inactive until library inheritance is completed.
  • Updated to properly load the load rules tab.
  • Updated the Manage Profile dialog to appropriately shorten profiles and libraries with long names using ellipsis in all browsers.
  • Updated to resolve scrolling behavior experienced while navigating to the Tealium iQ Tag Management Extensions tab.
  • Updated to address instances when load rules appear to be linked to a tag.
  • Updated to resolve a JavaScript error created when a profile is loading and a duplicated data source variable has been removed from the loading data.

Client-Side Tags

New/Cool Stuff

  • utag.js
    • Updated to version 4.49.
    • Updated to read localStorage and sessionStorage automatically.
  • New marketplace tag — DMD AIMXR.
  • New marketplace tag — Rockerbox.
  • New marketplace tag — UserWay.


  • Updated Google Consent Mode tag to set correct consent when tag is omitted from consent and prioritized.
  • Updated Mapp Intelligence tag to correct an issue regarding the request QueueActivated boolean and added new documentation.
  • Updated RichRelevance tag template and added new documentation.

Server-Side Connectors

New/Cool Stuff




  • Cordova plugin — Updated to correct plugin version.
  • iOS Swift — Updated to add visitor switching.
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