Spring Release Announcement: Integrate Everything to Deliver the Right Thing

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Tealium is thrilled to announce our upcoming release, and the story behind what we are building this quarter! Tealium’s Integrate Everything release gives you access to more data types than ever, more flexibility in how you customize that data to your business, and the critical connections to the tech ecosystem to put it to work. This release expands on Tealium's industry-leading flexibility and integrations — so that the whole business can access data from wherever it lives, customize it to make it more valuable for CX and analysis, and ultimately use it to drive customer value.

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Get More Data

The data platform at the foundation of customer experience needs to give you options for bringing data to the system efficiently and with as low a technical bar as possible.

NEW FEATURE: Data Connect (Tealium AudienceStream & EventStream Customers)

Automate data integration workflows with enterprise data sources like data warehouses, data lakes and cloud applications (opening up automated access to over 1000 data sources). Data Connect also supplies lookup tables that can be used in combination with the customer profile for contextual data. Early access extended - contact your CSM for information if you'd like to join.

Learn More About Data Connect in Early Access Now >>>

ENHANCED FEATURE: File Import (Tealium AudienceStream Customers)

More robust ingestion of data from files (a very common data source) to incorporate PGP encryption, compression, higher size limits, new file formats, and a new dashboard for reporting. In Early Access now! Contact your CSM to ask about being included.

Learn More About the Enhanced File Import Data Source in Early Access Now >>>

ENHANCED FEATURE: Mobile Data Collection (Tealium AudienceStream & EventStream Customers)

Enhanced tracking capabilities to ease integration of data from mobile devices and apps alongside data from other sources in the customer profile. 

Summary of Recent Releases >>>

Customize How You Use It

Your first-party data is your most critical tool to build a differentiated customer experience. That means you need tools to customize your use of this critical asset, not one-size-fits-all functionality that build commoditized CX.

NEW FEATURE: Transformations and Actions (Tealium Functions Customers)

Transform real-time, streaming data as it’s collected or just prior to activation to ensure that it is in its most usable format across the tech stack. Now you can host and manage your global transformation rules within a single platform instead of within each individual source. Released! Now Generally Available

Learn More About Data Transformation Functions >>>

NEW FEATURE: New APIs (All Tealium Products)

Build on top of Tealium capabilities to power CX and integrate Tealium functionality into existing development workflows for more efficiency. Adding APIs for Tealium iQ to better integrate with workflows and adding other APIs throughout the Tealium Customer Data Hub. Some APIs in Early Access include:

Please check back for more information or ask your CSM for additional details or if you'd like to be included in Early Access. >>>

Put it to Work

One system can’t do everything. But one system can curate the best possible dataset for use across the most demanding, real-time customer experiences. That means you need diverse options, for business users and developers, to get this data where it needs to go.


Robust streaming of data directly to your cloud data warehouses keeping your entire customer data supply chain in sync from collection, to storage, and everywhere in between. Fuel analytics and data science initiatives, or ensure better CX consistency across enterprise systems. Estimated to launch in EA for Q2 2023.

Please check back for more information or ask your CSM for additional details if you'd like to be included in Early Access. >>>

NEW CONNECTORS: Conversions APIs, Pharma, and Deeper Journey Integrations

Address Signal Loss due to regulations, ad blockers, and the deprecation of 3rd party cookies with the latest conversions APIs from Facebook, Google, Twitter, and more (and coming soon: Amazon Advertising). Our latest integrations also allow you to better integrate with emerging customer journey tools like Braze and Airship. And for the Pharma industry, we have a special collection of industry integrations launched in Q2 (Including Veeva, Doceree and more).

A lineup of recent Connectors released:

Watch the Announcements Blog and Release Notes for the latest connectors >>>

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