Tealium Education - 2020 Update

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Wherever you are, I hope you are staying safe and well. I am not going to mention that C word as we have all heard plenty about it, but I wanted to give you all an update on what is happening regarding the Tealium Education events.

We decided early on to cancel all of our in-person events, much like everyone else, and focus on delivering our training sessions to customers, partners, and our internal colleagues virtually via Zoom, for free, rather than at our normal cost. We did this to protect our trainers, and you, our customers and partners.

Through April and May we have added 27 classes of 3-6 hours for our external audience, with a capacity of 50 attendees per class.  The demand for these has been unprecedented. Classes are selling out within hours of being made available to registrations. I have never experienced sign up volumes like it in 25 years of delivering and managing training teams.

So, if we are running virtual sessions, why put a limit on the number of participants? For us at Tealium, virtual doesn't mean "Webinar" - come and watch and listen, and don't get involved. Our virtual class attendees all get provided an instance in the Tealium product, access to hands-on labs, and the ability to ask questions, experience break out rooms exercises, and be engaged as much as possible. We want our attendees to have as close an experience as possible to what they would receive at an in-person class. This is not easy - we hire training instructors who can bring some personality to the training they deliver - we don't hire automatons who just go through the motions. These people are social beings, who love seeing the light bulbs come on in their students, and take gratification from delivering a good class with a fully engaged set of students. They want to build relationships, and networks with the customers and partners attending their sessions. They want them to be successful.

Our instructors are working incredibly hard to ensure they deliver to the best of their ability, in extreme circumstances, in a challenging delivery environment. We will aim to challenge the students, involve them, get them talking to each other and try to build that bond that they usually build when in a regular classroom together. If you attend these classes, please try and be involved. Ask questions, use the chat facilities, turn your video on if you are in an environment where that is possible. If the instructor is looking for someone to speak, or present, don't wait for others to volunteer, be that volunteer. That is the way to make the sessions as engaging and valuable as possible.

If you have registered, thank you. If you have missed out, don't worry, more sessions are coming in June. We are also launching these virtual sessions in both Spanish and Japanese very soon.

You can keep an eye on the schedule here, but be quick as these sessions fill up within a short space of time.

Finally, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments, or any suggestions as to how we could improve your experience. Any suggestions for specific topics for shorter more targeted training sessions can also be sent over. I can't promise that we will do everything but we will see what we can build and deliver over the coming months. You can contact us at education.support@tealium.com

Thanks for your understanding and support,

Mark Dearlove
Director of Education Delivery

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