Tealium Launches Docs Portal

Community Manager
Community Manager

The new Tealium Docs site brings all product guides, developer documentation, and API docs into one site.

We are excited to announce the relaunch of Tealium Docs, a milestone release that makes it easier than ever for Tealium customers to access quick start guides, platform installation guides, and product feature documentation in one site. tealium-docs-logo.png

Prior to this release, the product user guides, API docs, and developer docs were available on two different sites, each with their own site structure and search, making it difficult to know exactly where to find information. 

Key features of the new Tealium Docs portal:

  • A single and central location for all documentation for the Tealium Customer Data Hub.
  • Improved navigation to reduce time spent finding what you need.
  • Expandable navigation allows you to explore each section.


What’s changing?

The product documentation from TLC has been migrated to the new Tealium Docs  portal and can be accessed from this URL: https://docs.tealium.com

In the coming weeks, all TLC product guide pages will be redirected to their new locations in the Tealium Docs portal. TLC is still the primary destination to engage with the Tealium user community and to read the latest announcements.

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