Tealium Release Notes - February 2018

Community Manager
Community Manager

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  • (Cool Stuff) Changed branding of Appboy to Braze. (Learn more)
  • (Cool Stuff) Updated the BloomReach tag to accommodate event mapping and the vendor's latest library.
  • (Cool Stuff) Updated the Doubleclick tag to show sample of conversion ID format.
  • (Cool Stuff) Updated Demandware logo to Salesforce Commerce Cloud logo.
  • (Cool Stuff) New marketplace tag: Piano.
  • (Cool Stuff) Updated our Movable Ink tag to the vendor's latest requirements.
  • (Cool Stuff) New marketplace tag: Google Analytics (gtag.js).
  • (Fix) Updated the etracker tag to the latest version.
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue with Data Layer Enrichment in the Tealium Collect tag when used on a mobile app with third-party cookies disabled where returned visitor profiles were empty.


  • (Cool Stuff) Added support for using tealium.js in Node.js as an npm module called 'tealium-collect'. (Learn more)

iQ Tag Management

  • (Cool Stuff) Introduced the Tealium v2 API with managed API keys for stricter account control. (Learn more)
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue with the profile switcher in Internet Explorer 11 where a new selection was not persisted.

Universal Data Hub

  • (Cool Stuff) Updated Trace to display event specification information about received events.
  • (Cool Stuff) Updated EventDB to include query string attributes in the table schema.
  • (Fix) Corrected an issue with the Google AdWords Customer Match connector where the UI would not provide success/failure feedback when creating a list.
  • (Fix) Applied context-aware escaping to increase protection against Cross-Site Scripting (XXS) injection attempts.
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue that caused UDH to reload when clicking the icon for a connector while editing it.
  • (Fix) Applied escaping to label names to protect against Cross-Site Scripting (XXS) injection attempts.
  • (Fix) Corrected an issue with UDH not properly respecting MFA enforced accounts.
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue in Audience Discovery that incorrectly allowed individual badges to be selected as a view perspective.
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue with Audience Discovery where cross-tab reports would not load.
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue in Trace where an enriched timeline attribute was not displaying correctly.


  • (Cool Stuff) Upgraded the Iterable connector to support more actions.
  • (Cool Stuff) Updated the Adobe Analytics connector to support merchandising eVars.
  • (Cool Stuff) Updated the Facebook Ads connector to use version v2.12 of the Marketing API.
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue with the Webhook connector where actions no longer supported the multipart/form-data content type.
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue with the Facebook Connector where the UDH could not authenticate with Facebook.
  • (New Stuff) Updated the Bronto eCommerce connector to use their eCommerce REST API.
  • (New Stuff) New marketplace connector: Heap
  • (New Stuff) New marketplace connector: Elastic Email
  • (New Stuff) New marketplace connector: Braze (formerly Appboy)
  • (New Stuff) New marketplace connector: Drift
  • (New Stuff) New marketplace connector: Vero
  • (New Stuff) New marketplace connector: Swrve
  • (New Stuff) New marketplace connector: Sendloop
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