Tealium Release Notes - January 2018

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Community Manager

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Universal Data Hub

  • (Cool Stuff) Resolved bug preventing the UDH user interface from accurately depicting badges being assigned at end of visit.
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue that incorrectly allowed individual badges to be selected as a view perspective in Audience Discovery.
  • (Fix) Resolved a bug causing double counting of Omnichannel enrichments.
  • (Fix) Corrected an issue that prevented you from deleting attributes.


  • (Cool Stuff) Updated our Movable Ink tag to the vendor's latest requirements.
  • (Cool Stuff) Updated the Google Analytics tag to use gtag.js.
  • (Cool Stuff) Updated the DoubleClick Floodlight tag to use gtag.js.
  • (Cool Stuff) Updated text and logos for rebranding SOASTA mPulse to Akamai mPulse. (Learn more)
  • (Fix) Fixed our Adobe Marketing Cloud ID Service tag to include the tracking server configuration object to ensure that the Analytics ID is preserved.

iQ Tag Management

  • (Fix) Fixed an issue in the Channels Extension that caused incorrect channels to be matched after deleting a channel from the configuration.
  • (Fix) Corrected an issue with load rules assigned to tags in a library not remaining assigned after library is inherited into a profile.
  • (Fix) Corrected a different manifestation of a previously-resolved issue in the Lookup Table extension where output values containing a single-quote would cause a syntax error in the generated utag file.
  • (New Stuff) Update allows concurrent users to perform multiple merges before saving the profile. In addition, concurrent users with unsaved changes will be prompted to merge when new versions of the profile have been created. (Learn more)


  • (Cool Stuff) New Marketplace Connector: Close.io
  • (New Stuff) New Marketplace Connector: Swrve
  • (New Stuff) New Marketplace Connector: Sendloop
  • (New Stuff) New Marketplace Connector: GoSquared
  • (New Stuff) New Marketplace Connector: Express Pigeon
  • (New Stuff) New Marketplace Connector: ClickSend
  • (New Stuff) New Marketplace Connector: Keen IO


  • (Cool Stuff) Firebase Analytics integration with mobile libraries (Android and iOS/Swift) (Learn more)
  • (Fix) Bug fixed in release 5.3.1 for iOS. Lifecycle 'isfirstlaunch' was set to true on relaunch.
  • (Fix) Release 5.3.1 has multiple bugs fixed for crash issues reported in github by end users of Tealium iOS SDK
  • (New Stuff) Added the Tealium Crash Reporter module for the Tealium Android library to provide application crash tracking capability for implementations using the Tealium Android Framework. (Learn more)
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