Track web events with the new Tealium iQ Events

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Community Manager

We’re excited to announce the new iQ Events feature for Tealium iQ Tag Management is now available. Now you can track visitor actions with our new no-code event listeners to gain deeper insights into customer journeys through your site. 

Track web events like video plays, scroll tracking, mouseover interactions, and more without writing any JavaScript. Using the available out of the box Event Listeners, you can enhance your first and zero party data collection with just a few clicks, decreasing the amount of custom code being written and shortening the amount of time it takes to implement web tracking. 

What’s new

No-code Event Listeners

Screen Shot 2022-06-27 at 2.41.06 PM.png

  • New Events dashboard
  • Multiple event types available, such as YouTube videos or Scroll tracking
  • Customize Event Listeners to fit unique needs, such as target elements and tracking calls
  • Adjust settings to cater to the specific action you are trying to track
  • Configure a data payload to be sent when the action takes place


tag-event.gifPrecise control for Event and Tag loading


  • Control where the event listener loads
  • Add existing load rules through a drag and drop experience
  • Use Events or Load Rules to control when a tag should fire




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