Upcoming Change to EventStore/AudienceStore: Switching Filename Extension from .gzip to .gz

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What is changing?

The JSON files in DataAccess will be changed from having a .gzip extension to a .gz extension. Only new files generated after the release will have the new .gz extension. Any files that existed prior to the release will retain their original .gzip extension.

The change does not alter the format of the file contents or the compression method used, nor does it impact CSV files.

Why is this changing?

The current filename extension of .gzip is not the standard for files compressed with the gzip application. Switching to the industry standard extension .gz will improve our compatibility with third-party software used to ingest these files.

When is this changing?

The potential release date is August 4, 2017.

What do I need to do?

You must update any integrations that reference the filename extension explicitly eg. "*.gzip". For example, when using the AWS s3api command line interface to fetch a single JSON file the .gzip extension is used in the command:

aws s3api get-object --bucket uconnect.tealiumiq.com \
    --key {account}/{profile}/events/{stream}/{filename}.gzip ./


This would need to be updated to:

aws s3api get-object --bucket uconnect.tealiumiq.com \
    --key {account}/{profile}/events/{stream}/{filename}.gz ./

If your integration uses a wildcard filename specifier that does not reference .gzip (eg. "*.*") then it's possible no change is necessary. However, this is potentially a breaking change so we strongly recommend that all integrations with EventStore/AudienceStore be reviewed prior to the release to ensure uninterrupted service.


Q: ​When is the changing happening?
​A: The release is tentatively scheduled for August 4, 2017.


Q: Do I have to update my integrations to use the new filename extension?
A: Yes. After the release, all new files will use the .gz extension and any integrations looking for the older .gzip files will not detect the new files. That is, all previous files with the .gzip file extension will retain their file extension, but all files created after the release will have the new .gz extension.


Q: Can I update my integrations now in anticipation of the release?
A: New files with the .gz extension will not appear until the release date. We recommend that your integrations be prepared now to accommodate both extensions, .gz and .gzip, to ensure a seamless transition.


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