Welcome to the New Tealium Learning Center!

Community Manager
Community Manager

We are excited to announce the launch of a redesigned TLC experience! 

More than a redesign

This project is more than just a redesign, but of course the new look of the site is the most obvious change. Here are the high-level improvements you'll see:

  • Responsive Design
    Our previous design didn't work well on devices other than a computer screen. This redesign overhauls the underlying page code so that TLC can be easily accessed from any device.
  • Developer Docs
    There is now a new site just for developer documentation. The minimalistic layout and simplified design put the documentation front and center so that developers can get what they want quickly.
  • TLC Resources
    We have so many great learning resources to share, but we realized it wasn't always obvious where to find them. We love the sidebar navigation in the UDH, so we brought the idea of the global nav into TLC to highlight our top-level offerings.
  • Solidify Branding
    We think it's important to provide a cohesive user experience as you navigate through our many sites, so we've applied a new style consistently across all of TLC. 

What's Changing?

New Name

First off, "TLC" now means Tealium Learning Center. TLC is more than just a community. The change from "community" to "center" broadens the meaning of TLC to encompass all of the valuable learning resources that it offers.

New Logo

We have a new logo that follows the branding style of some changes coming to the product platform. This simplified design gives TLC its own identity within the Tealium ecosystem.


Global Sidebar Navigation

It's no coincidence that sidebar navigation is becoming ubiquitous among web applications -- it's an effective and unobtrusive tool to let visitors quickly switch to the top-level areas of a site. This is exactly what we want to offer in TLC. The new sidebar navigation provides quick links to the best of what TLC has to offer. 

The following links are available:

  • TLC Home
  • Forums
  • Product Guides
  • Developer Docs
  • Product Ideas
  • Education
  • TLC Blog
  • Support Desk


Developer Docs

The documentation for our SDKs and installation libraries has been moved to a new site that is dedicated to developers: https://docs.tealium.com

The TLC sidebar navigation appears on this site, too, so you'l always know where you are within TLC.



We provide a neverending stream of educational content, from bootcamps and webinars to online courses and certification training. Everything you need to know about Education can be found on the Education landing page within TLC. 


TLC Blog

That's right! Did we mention the new blog? Watch this area closely for some special member spotlights, thought leadership insights and trending topics from customers like you.

TLC Blog

Support Desk

Tealium Support Desk is now accessed from the global sidebar navigation.



Additional Notes

Community Feedback

If you have any questions about the updates, or anything else in TLC, post your question in the Community Feedback forum.

We hope you enjoy getting to know the new Tealium Learning Center!

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